Learn the Rules of the Road and Safe Driver Skills


    Community Driving School (CDS) offers driver's education program for teens to get a driver’s license. CDS works along side all education outlets, private, public, and home schools, to provide driver’s education instruction not available otherwise.  CDS provides the Virginia State Driving Curriculum that consists of 30 hours of classroom work and 14 hours of road training (7 hours of actual driving and 7 hours of observation).  Take Driver’s Ed at either of our driving schools located in Powhatan and Midlothian, VA.  The Classroom and the Behind-The-Wheel Driver Education segments are offered together or separately. 

Upon successful completion of the driving lessons and road test, the CDS instructor will issue a 180-Day Virginia Temporary Drivers License to a new driver who meets the driving and age requirements set forth in the Virginia State Code.

Driver’s Ed Classroom

To qualify for the Classroom segment, the student should be at least 15 years old.  A Learner’s Permit is not a requirement for the Classroom segment.  Student’s who are enrolled in the Classroom segment will receive training to prepare them for DMV’s Signs and Knowledge tests taken to get the Learner’s Permit.


A Learner’s Permit is necessary to begin the Behind-the-Wheel segment and the Classroom segment should also be completed.  Students who are 15years and 6 months old can apply for a Learners Permit at DMV.  We encourage teens to get their Learners Permit as soon as they can, even if they intend to take a while to meet the driver training requirements.  We recommend that the student drive with family and friends for at least 25-30 hours before taking Behind the Wheel.

Adult Driver Training

CDS offers adult driver education classes for ages 18 and up.  We offer private driving lessons and tailor the instruction to include all of the driving skills that a driver must be able to demonstrate on the DMV road test

For adults ages 18 and up CDS offers the full driver education classroom and behind the wheel.  When driver education is completed, the adult will be issued a document which, when presented to DMV, will waive both the 60 permit holding period and the DMV administered Road Skills test.

Re-Examination Classes

CDS is a DMV registered Re-exam school.  We are licensed to provide the required curriculum to reinstate your eligibility to take the test and help get you that passing grade. 

CDS offers the 30 hour Driver Education Classroom course and also offers the 8 hour Driver Manual Class. The 8 hour Driver Manual class reestablishes eligibility to take the DMV Knowledge test after failing it 3 times previously.  On July 1, 2016 the 8-hour Driver Manual Course was opened to teens under 19 provided that they have already taken the 30 hour Driver Education Classroom course.

VADETS Testing Center

Community Driving School (CDS) is a VADETS test center.  Test candidates must be VADETS registered and have a valid login ID and password.  Please contact us for an appointment.