Links to Important Reference Information

Here is a list of our favorite links related to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. We hope this list helps you gather the essential information for qualifying for a Virginia Drivers License.

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles

This link takes you to the official VA DMV website where a wide array of information and services is available.

Virginia Drivers Manual

This link takes you to where you can download the Viginia Drivers Manual

Virginia DMV Sample Knowledge Tests

This link takes you to where you can prepare yourself to take the Learner's Permit knowledge test.

In-Car Maneuvers Observation Record

This link takes you to where you can download the CSMA 19  form.  This form is used by 19 year olds and older who are preparing to take the DMV road test.  This form should be completed during the 60 day Learner's Permit holding period.